Online course for yourself
- makeup and eyebrows
Online support from a professional makeup artist
START - 10th June
Remember that the opportunity to invest in yourself will be the best investment that you can ever make
What will you learn?
How to properly take care of your skin at home
- Which product to choose for your skin type and how to clean it properly;
- Why do we need to use a tonic and what will happen if you miss this part of daily care;
- How to apply an eye cream;
- SPF, what is it and why this protection is needed;
- Care for the neck and décolleté, when to start and which products to use;
- Why do we need masks, how often to apply them and which one to choose for your skin type.

Face self-massage with a refreshing, tonic and anti-aging effect
You will learn several techniques of facial massage at home. Regular massage will help your skin to stay toned, to smooth out expression lines and deeper wrinkles, also to improve your facial contours. Regular facial massages will make your skin fresher and healthier.
Creating of trend bronze nude makeup
You will begin to understand the textures of makeup products that emphasize your strengths and hide flaws, but will be almost invisible and weightless on your skin. We will tell you all the secrets of applying a makeup base, highlighter and bronzer. And also you will find out which tools for applying foundation you need to use, according to your skin type.
Creating of Monochrome Brown Smokey
You will find out which textures and colors are best used to add gloss to your makeup and how to create a legendary brown smokey. You wii learn how to create a look that will attract the eye.
Tricks for perfect winged eyeliner, depending on your eye type
You will learn about different types of winged eyeliner depending on the structure of your eye. You will know how to make a perfect winged eyeliner, so that will be impossible to look away from you.
Will learn how to create your perfect eyebrows by yourself. It's so easy
How to find your perfect eyebrow shape and keep it. How to dye eyelashes at home and use special cosmetics
Course teachers:
Make up expert -
Sveta Kuzmecheva
Professional makeup artist, for a long time collaborated with the largest holding LVMH. She worked as a cosmetologist of Kenzo and makeup artist of Givenchy. Collaboration with Vogue, Jet Setter, Beauty Hub. Working on Fashion filming. Working with celebrities.
Make up expert -
Marina Zadorozhnaya
Founder of MakeUpMe Academy, makeup and brow artist, teacher. For a long time she collaborated with the largest holding LVMH, was a lead makeup artist of Dior Ukraine. Collaborated with Vogue, L'OFFICIEL, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan,
How is the course going?
We will add you to the group in a Telegram (messenger), where you will get all the instructions for passing.
Every day you will receive a video tutorial, description of all products and your homework.
Every day we will give away cosmetic gifts, and the teacher will determine the best work.
You can ask the makeup artist any questions about the lessons and get advice.
Video lessons will be available for 10 days (after the course ends).
At the end of the course we will send you an online certificate.
You will receive all videos, descriptions and tasks in a private Instagram account.
START -10th June

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