Course Makeup PRO
Individual make-up course from scratch to the level of a professional make-up artist.
Course duration 36 hours

Price - $950
lessons from top make-up artists of Ukraine

You can choose teachers for an individual course
We have assembled a team of practicing teachers of the highest level so that you will receive only the most advanced knowledge
  • Ira Baybarak
    Collaborated with MAS and Vogue Italia. She participated in fashion weeks in Kyiv and Tbilisi Fashion
  • Alona Bushynska
    Stage makeup artist , ambassador isei cosmetics ua
Included in this course
Working with different skin types
Working with the skin is the basis of any make-up. This is fundamental knowledge without which you cannot be a specialist. This skill will not allow you to make mistakes when applying textures and prolong the durability of makeup. No matter how beautiful you are, it's all for nothing if you don't work with your skin.
Application of modern makeup application techniques
We won't teach you how to do wedding makeup and we won't tell you which smoky eyes are best for graduates. These are all templates. Our task is to teach you to think creatively and flexibly. That's why we give you some modern techniques with which you can create your own individual images.
Your first beauty case
You will become a beauty expert! You will learn to choose cosmetics so that they are suitable for any of your tasks, are of the highest quality, and at the same time minimize the costs of their purchase.
Team work on beauty shoots
We will teach you how to create high-quality makeup in a minimal amount of time, so that in real life you will be ready for any situation and show yourself as a pro.
Build communication with the client
How to identify the client's needs;
What to talk about with the client;
What to do so that customers are always satisfied;
What to do if the client remains dissatisfied;
How to work with objections;
How not to get into a conflict situation;
What to do to make customers pay more;
How to make the client work only with you.
1. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #1 - NUDE makeup
  • International standards of hygiene for the safe work of the craftsman.
  • Methods of cosmetic and express care for the work of a make-up artist.
  • Peculiarities of working with different skin conditions.
  • Review of textures (bases, tonal foundations, concealers, correctors)

2. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #2 - NUDE makeup
  • You can adjust the number of classes and choose topics as you wish!
  • Morphology and anatomical features.
  • Basic principles of light and shadow in make-up.
  • The technique of sculpting the shape of the face.
  • Methods of competition.

3. Theory + demo + practice
  • Eyebrow correction and modeling
  • Market overview of decorative products

4. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic Image #3 - ARROWS
  • Basics of graphics in make-up (form, construction and adaptation)
  • A set of exercises for setting the technique.

5. Working out
  • Basic Image #4 - ARROWS
  • Question/answer

6. Theory + demo + practice
  • Base Image #5 - LIPS AND EYELASHES
  • Rules of accentuation in make-up
  • Methods of correcting the shape of the eyes using false eyelashes
  • Make-up techniques and correction of the shape of the lips

7. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic look #6 - SMOKY EYES
  • Eye morphology.
  • Eye shapes and correction methods.
  • The technique of working with brushes and dry textures.
  • Hand position.

8. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #7 - SMOKY EYES
  • Work with color.
  • Color theory.
  • Contrasts and nuances.

9. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic look #8 - SMOKY EYES
  • Working with cream textures

10. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #9 - WEDDING MAKEUP
  • Specifics of work with brides.
  • Body makeup

11. Theory + demo + practice
  • Basic image #10 - ANTI AGE MAKEUP

12. PRO TIPS. Creation of any basic method taking into account the physiological characteristics of the client.
Who is this course for?
This makeup course is suitable for both beginners and those who wish to refresh or update their natural skills with a part time course.
Do you dream of…
... building your own bridal beauty business?
… trying out the latest avant-garde looks on a runway?
… getting your celebrity client glammed up for the red carpet?
You can launch your career today!
Become an advanced MakeUp Artist in one step and let your dreams begin!

Prise - $950
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